Hear What Customers Are Saying About Walkapocket

Wendy Bumgardner of walking.about.com published a full review of Walkapocket:






“Bought mine at a Holiday Fair.  Once I touched it and put it on I loved the fabric, it stretches just enough to hug your body.  It comes in 4 sizes so there was no excess band when I adjusted it.  I did a test “run” down the hall and it stays in place.  I bought another one for a gift.”





A customer living in a Retirement Community: “I love my Walkapocket.  I bought it to wear on my walks and ended up wearing it around my new apartment so I have easy access to my phone.”  This customer then bought 6 more to give to her friends: “All my friends, but one, walk so they need a Walkapocket.  I told my friend that does not walk that she needs a Walkapocket to keep track of her phone.”





“My husband purchased a Walkapocket for me for Christmas (at my suggestion) and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it! I can comfortably carry my cell phone, a lip balm and ID in the pocket. I love the hands free aspect - can't even feel that I'm wearing it! Whether I'm walking on the streets or hiking the forest lands near our home, it's perfect! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants hands free for shopping, walking or short hikes!”






"Yesterday - I missed 2 important phone calls because I did not have my phone "in hand"

When I called the people back - they were MIA!

Today is different - with my Walkapocket on my waist and my phone in the pocket - I will not miss a call."

-Specialty Account Executive working from home





"I didn't even know I had it on!  No more clumsy purse to drag around. Love it. I wear it walking and for my errands.  I now always have quick access to my phone”





“Using the paper pocket to keep my ID, credit cards and cash separate from my phone worked perfect.  It made getting my phone out easy.  And the paper pocket functioned really well as my wallet"





"LOVE my Walkapocket...other waist packs feel too bulky.  This one is streamlined and fits well...you barely know it's there!  It's just the right size to hold my phone, key, money and lip balm.  I bought one for my running partner and she loves it, too.  Would love to see it in some other colors!!"

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